Thursday, August 11, 2005

pinoy blog community

We Filipino bloggers are an online community - so if you haven't already, head on over to Pinoy Top Blogs, register, follow the simple procedure and get counted (you get a neat button for your site).

This is interesting because creator Abe Olandres' list acts like an aggregator of sorts, displaying the different sorts of blogs Pinoys maintain. The site has a master list which has everyone so far (over 300, I think) as well as the ability to look at blogs by category (such as personal journals, if, like me, you are not that brazen about your politics). I've taken some time looking at the different blogs and made a lot of discoveries. It's like browsing a library or a bookstore where Filipiniana is not a derogatory category term (because that really pisses me off).

The ranking feature, which may not be to everyone's taste, gives you an idea of what the most frequented blogs are. If you're determined to get ahead in popularity, you will know what to shoot for (and I suppose that, as in real life, there are those among us for whom blog rank is paramount - not that I'm against that idea, just as long as you gain real readers because of your content and not through other dubious means). The ranking are reset every month to give an opportunity for newcomers to catch up, but you will see that the really popular blogs are really...popular.

But so much better than the notion of being popular (which is really subject to question, what with various mechanisms for ensuring popularity which even the non-tech part of me is barely cognizant of) is the sense of belonging to something big, and blogging is part of our common zeitgeist. I want this number to grow and grow.

For more information, read this.

Join ka na.

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