Monday, August 22, 2005


Sometimes, the porn gods smile and reward the prurient faithful. To my delight, I inherited a friend’s porn stash –DVDs, VCDs, CDs of action in digital format (clips and photos), plus printed matter. Really, it’s amazing how much one person can accumulate over time – and it takes another pornhead to appreciate the effort.

It took two people to carry the hoard into the condo, and I haven’t been able to summon the strength (the libido?) to sort through it all (though naturally I have done a cursory inspection). Suddenly, my personal porn collection has expanded dramatically and I now have space issues (I never thought one could have too much porn). I also need to tame my initial urge to somehow watch them all (an act that would entail my vanishing from the real world for a couple of weeks, and upon my return be unrecognizable due to certain physical exertions) but a porn marathon is not the same as say watching 56 episodes of Pokemon in one go.

An interesting thing to me is the fact that there are almost no duplicates; nothing I inherited already exists in my own collection – because the world of porn is vast and we pornheads tend to restrict ourselves and collect mostly a certain type. The only crossover is with pinoy porn, because, of course, we must patronize and support our very own (like “legitimate” Filipino cinema, pinoy porn is usually badly acted, lit, directed and edited, but it is ours).


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