Friday, August 12, 2005

takbo, takbo

Not much time to write today, am rushing to a fashion show then another meeting to discuss terms of the new franchise I'm looking at acquiring (it's a resto/food thing), after spending part of my morning juggling the other projects on my plate, the most interesting of which is writing game scripts for a new online game from Korea. The pet store also needs certain things to be decided upon, and I completely forgot about the dwarf rabbits that I wanted to get, sheesh.

Even guerilla writing can't help me now, especially since I have this new idea for a short story which is jockeying for position on the totem pole of "what-to-write-next" with the play and the other stories. They will all just have to wait until there's actually time to just sit down and write.

Again, no complaints from me. My businesses provide my family's living expenses and growth is always welcome (the "problems" become challenging opportunities).

Besides, doing things other than writing keeps my mind sharp, always learning something new, pondering something else, such that when I do sit down to write, it's like falling hungrily into the arms of a lover I have long luster after.

So it's all good. Besides, Nikki and I are going out of town this weekend to Tagaytay with some friends. That should give me a breather of sorts.


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