Wednesday, October 26, 2005

who will become...The Muppet?

I've loved the Muppets through all these years, having fond memories of growing up with The Muppet Show ("It's time to get things started..."), so it's delight that I read that they're coming back to primetime.

This time, they'll be parodying reality TV shows, along the lines of American Idol or America's Next Top Model. Reality freak that I am, I can't wait to see who will be... The Muppet.

Nikki and I are currently enjoying Rockstar: INXS, Survivor: Guatemala, The Amazing Race, plus the Trump and Steward versions of The Apprentice. Even if we know who wins in Rockstar, we're still there for the ride, not having seen the initial telecast (let me tell you, "California Dreaming" from the episode where Will got booted just blew me away). Survivor: Guatemala should be retitled "Survivor: Stephanie's Story" for the way it seems the producers are so desperate to get her to win - after a while, her whining gets to you, unlike last season when I became her fan). TAS is a bit boring because of the lack of international locales. However, the occassional bit of drama makes it viewable (a widow and her kids need to go to the racetrack where her husband was run over - yow!). Of the two Apprentices, the Stewart version is the more enjoyable, given Martha's personality (she writes "thank you" notes to the eliminated candidates).

Why do I love these shows? Let's just say that they're my equivalent of pro wrestling - complete with characters and story arcs. And just a bit of human nature.


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