Wednesday, November 02, 2005

i'm your vehicle, baby

I haven't owned a car since I sold off my Datsun a couple of years after college. So it was odd that I caved in to impulse and bought a secondhand car yesterday. Odd because

a) it's not something you impulsively buy,
b) I'm not really a car person (one of the reasons I gave up my car was because my temper would often get the best of me during traffic) and
c) I am so used to just walking or taking a cab

However, I do have a little girl, and I may need to drive her to school or something. Plus, it gives us more options when we go out during the weekends, so I'm not that reliant on cabs.

The thing is, now I have to pay for a parking space at the condo, which I've never had to do in my life. And the price of gas just went up again. And my office is just a few buildings away. Oh, and now I need to renew my super-expired license.

But it was a rare opportunity, so I took it. I can always resell it or whatever.

What kind of car is it? Just to show you how little I know, the best I can honestly muster is "It's colored grey?". But also to prove that I didn't get hornswaggled, I bought it from my stepfather. He has more cars than I am aware of, apparently, because this entire purchase started when I asked him about the two or three unfamiliar cars I noticed outside my mom's house. He offered to sell one of them to me for a more than fair price (Jo! You know this car!). So, okay.

As long as it runs safely, I do not much care about brand or prestige.


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