Monday, November 28, 2005


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There's no rest for the wicked and no holiday for my office as we all need to work on a huge bid for tomorrow. But one of todays highlights was being interviewed by one of the major papers about the upcoming release of Siglo: Passion.

After the initial questions, I suffered a moment of vertigo, remembering just how everything started. Looking back at the almost two years it took us to put the book together, I could only shudder and be thankful.

I am grateful to every creator who agreed to submit some of the best written and illustrated stories I've seen. Really, an editor can only bask in the light of an anthology's content (all these people are and have been wonderful without an editor) and so I am proud to present the book and give all the creative credit to each person who contributed (such as the dazzling artwork above, by one of my favorite komikeros Gerry Alanguilan). And on the production side, there would simply be no Siglo series without Nautilus Comics.

Somehow, everything worked out in the end.

I'd like to extend an open invitation to the triple book launch on Dec 10, 6:30PM, at Fully Booked Greenhills for Siglo: Passion, Project: Hero and Philippine Speculative Fiction Vol. 1.

Come on over and share our happiness.

And buy our books!


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