Monday, November 07, 2005

spec fic exposed

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With this beautiful baby and Siglo: Passion, two-thirds of our December megablastbonanza is in the bag. The third one, Project: Hero, is now being completed. It seems impossible, but with the help of very very very good and tireless people, it's being done.

All three will launch on December 10th at Fully Booked Greenhills, to which ALL of you are invited.

How much?

Philippine Speculative Fiction Volume 1 is over 200 pages, 6" x 9", at P300. This is published by Kestrel, my own publishing company.

Siglo: Passion is the full-color square-bound super-anthology of grafiction, superthick at P850 - with a special promo discount during the launch (see post below). This initial limited collector's edition (2000 copies) is published by Nautilus Comics.

Project: Hero is a full-color covered black-and-white joyous return to superhero delights sans agenda! We haven't fixed the cover price yet, but it should be quite affordable.

As for Salamanca (Ateneo Press), we're pushing the publication and release date to January 2006, in light of all our releases. On the movie/option front, we're still in negotiations over the amount, but it's looking gooooood.


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