Friday, December 09, 2005

the edge

The Edge is a new magazine slated to hit the stands very soon. I have a column in it (called "Notes from the Peanut Gallery", natch*). I'll end up writing about disparate things as evidenced by my first two offerings (one about lessons I learned in business, and the other about verbal encounters with my mother) but it's fun, fun, fun to do.

Much thanks to my editor Ern Banawa for his unflagging faith :)


* It seems I cannot ever come up with another title. Back in the old days of the erly 90's, I had a theater column called "From the Peanut Gallery". Later, for Yehey!, I had "Notes from the Peanut Gallery", my sex column (oh yeah). This blog, of course, has exactly the same name. And now The Edge. So why I am so "column-title-challenged"? Hell if I know. Maybe it's a comfort thing. Or just a slothful mind. Sigh.


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