Monday, January 09, 2006

salamanca: the road of publication (update)

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Before I left last year, the publisher sent over a bunch of cover studies for me to select from. They offered for me to have my design company design it but I declined out of delicadeza, not wanting to step on the toes of anyone within the publisher's company (especially their designers). Here's a look at one of the designs (which includes a non-existent cat). It's hard to control myself from taking over the design, but I've decided to play politically, this being the first book Im not publishing myself. I still have input on several things like the font choices and such, but basically I'm telling myself that ultimately the cover is just a cover, and what matters is the content - which, with the exception of two grammatical errors, went unchanged, thanks to the ability of the best inhouse editrix in the world.

I haven't been able to follow up since I got back, but the launch is set vaguely for this month or next and I'm terribly excited. I printed myself a copy of the PDF layout of the book, so I can pretend I have it already, and as usual, I find myself wanting to rewrite vast tracks of text. It's my usual angst, whenever I look at anything I previosuly wrote, to be overwhelmingly unhappy with the small things. But, of course, eventually I let go. As in this case, where I'm allowing the text to stand virtually as I initially submitted it. Perhaps in the future, when I'm older, I'll return to Salamnca and release a "Director's Cut" - rewritten with extra material. But for now, this will do.

More as this develops.


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