Wednesday, February 15, 2006

gaiman entry - check

I'm done agonizing over my entry for the 1st Philippine Graphic/Fiction Awards, the spec fic and comic writing competition that has so many writers and creatives I know in a tizzy.

Thanks to Gabs, who helped make sense of the contest rules and collate the MS, I was able to secure everything in two nested envelopes (entry form, resume, 4 hard copies of the MS double spaced and font size 12 and paginated just so, and an RTF soft copy on CD ROM). I'll drop it off at the Rockwell Branch of Fully Booked tomorrow.

As usual, I'm not very happy with my story - it feels weak and somehow not refined enough, but that's par for course with what I write. The exciting thing is the prize money (yes, I'm doing it for the money). My noble cause for wanting to win big is to pay for Sage's upcoming tuition fee, a truly stunning amount. I opted to rewrite portions of it today, guerilla-style, since I found some free time after lunch - then decided to go for broke and finish the thing. We'll see how it does.

Until then, I'll put it out of my mind - because worrying about something I cannot affect is just senseless. I'd rather watch American Idol (go Taylor Hicks! go Chris Daughtry! go Paris Bennett!) or even Everybody Hates Chris.


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