Monday, February 13, 2006

iron men, empty quests and birthday girls

reeking of geeking

One of the incredible discoveries we made while exploring birthday boy Jamie's pad over the weekend was his astounding stash of superhero figurines, actions figures and paraphernalia. When we spotted Iron Man's helmet, our repressed inner geeky fanboys took over for quite some time...

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Iron Marco looks on pensively (perhaps recovering from an alcoholic binge, Mr. Stark?)

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Iron Buddha thinks he's actually a mutant (or maybe he was before Wanda did her thing, who knows).

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Iron Dean realizes that button down long sleeves do not make the (Iron) Man...

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...while Iron Vin suffers an agonizing epiphany regarding head size vs. helmet size.

Thanks for the great party, Jamie!


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Yes, ComicQuest is indeed looking desolate. Vin used to sit in that huge grey chair and the gang would come in trickles or at full force as soon as night came. So to end the speculation, yes, he's fine.

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And he has his own digs. Woohoo!

birthday week

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Sage turns four tomorrow, on Valentine's Day. I know, I can't believe it myself. Like an endless recording, I must say "It all happens so fast". She's holding her party on Saturday with all her little friends (and all of Mommy and Daddy's friends - big and little).

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The after that is Nikki's birthday. I'm a little heartbroken because the gift I ordered for her from the US will not make it in time, so I'm scrounging around for a little something to tide her over. Maybe a new desk?

I just love these girls.


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