Saturday, February 25, 2006

state of emergency

Oh, please.

Enough of this crap.

I have better things to do.

We do not understand democracy.

We are political juveniles, mired forever in schoolyard agenda.

Like many Filipinos, I do not wish to give up on my country.

But the things we do, repeatedly, show the world how we have squandered the very thing we pioneered, the idea and example that led to other color revolutions.

This how fatigued I was with the events of yesterday (which included a declaration of a state of emergency, intimations of yet another "kudeta", warrantless arrests, water-cannon-dispersed rallies, multiple ex-presidents and thousands of dismal feet joining this or that expression of "People Power"):

I went to work. I strategized an ad campaign for my hotel client. I coordinated with the project manager for my mall client. I wrote ad copy for three power company bids. I began development for a book and a brochure for my real estate client. I thought of anchors for the coffee company. I made calls to the other clients whose projects I'm handling. I set meetings for next week. I mulled over the implications of a recent buyout by e-PLDT. I thought about a new business venture. And I made arrangements for my staff to go home in the afternoon.

I had a haircut and a shave. I read stories to my daughter. I watched and enjoyed the production of my play in Greenhills (chatting with Richard Gomez who clarified that he really wanted to appear in my creation but was advised against it by his manager). I had frozen mango tart and coffee. I watched the results show of American Idol (goodbye, you poor performers, and good riddance). I played Acquire. I read my new Duck comics (enjoying the Italian-to-English translation of Mickey Mouse's Inferno). I listened to music. I thought about my anthology of short fiction. I took my vitamins. I slept peacefully.

I have no time for this political nonsense.


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