Thursday, February 23, 2006

surfacing to breathe

The past few days have been a whirlwind of work for various clients. My company is in the midst of he busy season, as multiple corporate and brand accounts push their requirements for the coming summer season. I've also been pitching ideas, winning a couple of new clients whose projects are exciting and different from what we usually do. To be honest, I haven't been writing. The downtime I eke out (which, in the case of watching downloaded TV series, stretches to the wee hours of the morning) has nothing to do with creative functions. Instead, I've become a couch (or more properly, a bed) potato.

American Idol's girls have performed, and from the initial set my favorites are Mandisa, Paris, Lisa and Katherine the voice teacher's daughter. Tonight, the men perform and I have high expectations from Chris, Ace and my favorite in the entire competition, Taylor. Idol is an obsession - I make sure I have no work pending and devote my sad attention to the tube, while my wife texts her friends, engaging in a flow of SMS color commentary.

Prison Break is my other flavor of the week. This is actually a well-conceptualized drama whose vortex Nikki also failed to escape. We're both fans of Dominic Purcell (who we initially thought was the guy in Rome) and Wentworth Miller (whose character puts both Batman and McGyver to shame). One of the fun parts of watching the 13 episodes is being stunned at Miller's complex plan for escape (up to now, Nikki is asking what breaking down the "devil wall" was for). Me, I like the conceit of it all, and its general observance of one of the three Unities (of Place). The season ender was dismaying, but new episodes will be out next month.

The other download is Lost, of course. Thanks to the wonders of DSL, I've caught up with the current season. I was actually losing the faith for a while, just coasting along with the story, but was rejuvenated beginning with the Eko episode and excited by the succeeding ones when people began to revert to their initial characterization (I'm so not a fan of lovey-dovies). The nature of people is to stay true to their essence, with small changes occuring - rather than big dramatic shifts towards unity. I like how things are breaking down because that's more realistic to me. People will pursue their own agenda, big or small. It makes for interesting viewing.

Ok, now back to work


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