Thursday, February 16, 2006

winter candy

I am 100% rooting for the Japanese team for the Figure Skating portion of the Winter Olympics. It is almost a given that Russia's Slutskaya, virutally unbeaten last year, will skate away with the gold. However, it's the Japanese trio who caught my eye.

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Fumie Suguri is the Japanese champ (edging out the incredible double-triple axel jumper and 15 year old Mao Asada, who was too young to compete in the Oympics - that's her below).
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Shizuka Arakawa, who throws around triple-triples like they were nothing, was the 2004 world champion

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Miki Ando, who can do quads, was the 2004 world junior champion.

It will be interesting to see how the new scoring system works (like me, you're most likely used to the old one - start with 6.0 and deduct for flaws).


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