Monday, March 20, 2006

moving up day

Sage's graduation was a confetti-whirlwind celebration highlighted by a production of South Pacific (with her as one of the islanders complete with what-I-think-are-pompoms for lack of the proper word).

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As expected, I joined the ranks of the other teary-eyed fathers in the crowd, even though, of course, Sage is just moving up a level to kindergarden. Again I am struck by thoughts of how quickly time passes, and how I used to hold her tiny tiny form in the crook of my left arm as we both fell into dreamless sleep. The steps of her growth are predetermined and writ in stone; I cannot keep her a child forever. I just hope she remains the kind of person whose occupied space my arms can embrace, even when she becomes too heavy to carry. I hope, really truly hope, for so few things in the world; this is one of them.

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