Wednesday, March 01, 2006

turns of the glass

In the midst of an absurd busy season at work, I was stunned to learn that one of my closest friends exhibited symptoms of Bell's Palsy. With one side of his face paralyzed, he wears an eyepatch now because he cannot close one eye. Illnesses remind us all about the fragility of our existence. We can work all we want, save all the money we think we need, compete in atheletics or win literary competitions, but when a devastating ailment strikes, we are reduced to flesh.

I've been down lately. Nikki and I got word that Jack, the kind and generous man who is like a second father to my wife, may not last the next few days. His cancer has overwhelmed his system, even with the twice-daily infusions and platelet additions. We last saw him last Christmas in Florida. And it's hard to imagine him gone. My spirit rebels at the thought as I prepare to grieve. I feel helpless and sorrowful.


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