Wednesday, May 31, 2006


It is absurdly muggy. At night, the air so thick I feel like I'm drowning - and to a certain extent, I am, since we live without an airconditioner (though sometimes I am sorely tempted to just swallow a higher electric bill). It is a heat that dulls thought and dims the senses.

I can't wait for the rains, the real rains - not these flash lightning storms we've had - to arrive. I need the cool air and long for the scent of rain.

In a couple of weeks, I'm taking the office crew out to some resort for a well-deserved bit of R&R. It's actually their idea, not mine, since I'm the second to the last person who'd every suggest hanging out at a beach to relax (the last person is Nikki) - unless there is a fantastic resort with room service and broadband attached to it. Still, it should be enjoyable. There is one Alfar who loves the sand and the sea, and Sage has made plans to capture starfish.


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