Monday, July 10, 2006

karma police, arrest that man

Congratulations to the finalists in Fully Booked's 1st Graphic/Fiction contest. I'm not on the list (haha, but there's always next time, right?) but I'm delighted that Ian Casocot is! His story, A Strange Map of Time, is a standout. Apart from the formal contest, there's also a vote for reader's choice, so visit the Rockwell Tent on July 15, Saturday, and vote for Ian.

Visit on Sunday, July 16, as well - Nikki, Vin and I are among the panelists for the Writers' Panel at the New Worlds 4: A Broken Time Machine at The Fourth Philippine Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention. Our thing begins at 4:30PM and we'll be talking about speculative fiction and comics.

We visited Fully Booked Rockwell to browse and buy books last night. They have a new layout that is less remiiscent of Borges' labyrinths - it makes some sort of sense now. Concerned by all the postings about the unavailability of "Salamanca" and "Philippine Speculative Fiction Vol.1", I was intent on exposing the bookstore's shameful lack of my books (haha). However, I found them there (so people who want them, go to Rockwell now). The cover to my novel caught my eye because it looked so different and shiny. It turns out it was shrink-wrapped. I bought a couple of copies - one for Jason, back in Davao post-Stanford, and the other for my father in Las Vegas, whose school of US$350-per-head koi died when the heatwave evaporated his outdoor pond.

*This post's title is borrowed from Nick Mamatas' short story, and has nothing to do with this post except that I can't get it out of my head. Nick's story, "", is one of the interesting stories we read recently for Litcrit Night, along with Exie Abola's "The Shakespeare Guy", "Girl Reporter" by Stephanie Harell, "The Clients of Caralios" by CS Barlow, "The Soul Bottles" by Jay Lake, "The Death of Fray Salvador Montano" by Rosario Cruz-Lucero, "Sins of the Father" by SE Ward, plus more from Haruki Murakami, Anna Tambour, Greg van Eekhout and such. This week's authors include Shirley Jackson, Frank Stockton, Ryunosuke Akutagawa and Stephen Gallagher. Our discussions are always certainly animated, as we wrestle with the stories and our readings of them, with the primary goal of ultimately improving ourselves as both readers and writers. The last week of this month is reserved for new fiction from the group, and I look forward to reading all the new stories.


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