Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I woke up today to the sound of rain, a good half-hour before my alarm went off. In the semi-darkness, snug under the warm high-thread-count Egyptian bedthings that Nikki got, the temptation to just stay in bed forever was almost overwhelming. I felt a little ill, like there was something not right in my bones and joints, and dallied briefly with the thought of old age, storm-sensitive bones, and how ultimately everyone ends up sleeping. I wanted to stay in, and perhaps write, but there were too many things on my plate, a lot of work: three websites, two promos, two magazines, a planner, a series of postcards, a 350-page game guide, print ads, impending photo shoots in 5-6 provinces, and more marketing materials that you can shake a fist at - all waiting for me at the office. My PDA shows me my schedule and, bleary-eyed, I'm struck by the madness of it all. With Gabby winning a scholarship to Singapore, we are one project manager short. We do so need to hire one (we've been interviewing a lot of people, and honestly, I am most impressed by the molecular biologist and the anthropolist) before the end of the week.

I padded around the house, got a drink (I'm usually dehydrated when I wake up), and checked my daughter's room. Sage was still asleep, in a tangle of sheets, pillows and stuffed toys. I couldn't help but smile because I knew that she, and my sleeping wife, were the big reasons I went to work, regardless of what I'd rather be doing.

I suited up, selected an umbrella, and walked out into the rain.


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