Thursday, July 13, 2006


Against my will, for now, I'm going all Gerry Alanguilan on you. No, I'm not brilliantly writing and illustrating a comic book about the travails of chickens - my PDA/cell phone just died mysteriously and so I cannot be called or make calls (just like Gerry, but I think he chose to turn away from the cell phones of his own accord).

Let me pause for a moment and reflect on how reliant I've become on this little gadget. I make and receive calls and text messages, check mail, listen to music, watch videos, plays games, schedule my appointments, use Excel and Word, use it as an alarm clock, take pictures oh my gawd I'm screwed.

I've frantically emailed the clients I'm doing projects for, lest they text instructions into the void and think that I'm deliberately snubbing them. What I can't do is to text everyone, client, family and friends, about this temporary loss of communication capabilities. Of course there are my office and home landlines, but the nature of my business is that I'm out a lot and I'd rather not take business calls at home (unless absolutely necessary).

I'm still in the throes of the shock/denial/anger phases, but now need to make time to find a place (where, where?) that can repair an O2 Xda II. I'm hoping I just need a new battery, because if it means buying a new PDA, well, I just can't afford it (Marco! Now is the time for you to buy a new phone and pass me your Mini!). Otherwise, I'll have to get a Nokia and go through process of relearning how to text using my thumb again (I already miss my stylus).

So, to my friends and readers, if you need to contact me, email me instead. My address is there on the upper left, in the About Me section.


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