Friday, August 18, 2006

spec fic antho

I'm glad about the upcoming 3-day weekend. It'll give me a chance to sink my teeth into the stories submitted for Philippine Speculative Fiction Vol. 2 (I'm putting together an initial shortlist). There seems to always be new submissions in my inbox - lots of good stuff - but the question that comes to mind is "where is the science fiction?". No, I'm not looking to publish an entire antho of scifi, but I do want it represented. Many readers of the first volume wanted a bit more scifi, and I agree with them.

Keep in mind though that my definition of speculative fiction encompasses fantasy, horror, magic realism, surrealism, fable, slipstream and more. So I'd love to receive fantastically written stories in any of these genres.

The deadline for submissions is on September 15th, and here are the details.

Have a great weekend!


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