Monday, August 21, 2006

veg is my middle name

I planned to spend all of today, a holiday, writing. However, Nikki and I maranthoned the entire first season of Project: Runway last night, ending at 5AM. So I woke up in the afternoon, to the insistent demands of my daughter who waited as long as she could to ask me to play with her. Ultimately, Sage and I ended watching a Winnie the Pooh DVD (rather clever, it's the one with Roo learning to count) as well as Disney's High School Musical (which I found quite entertaining; Sage loves it to death, singing along with the love songs).

So no writing done whatsoever today. Gah. Thankfully, it's a short work-week, with a nice highlight on Wednesday night: dinner at the Mandarin courtesy of the Philippines Free Press (no, I'm not in the running or anything like that, I'm just there to celebrate good writing and food). I still have a comic book script to finish (for the second annual Project: Hero anthology), which Jamie Bautista will illustrate; putting the finishing touches on the short story antho I'm submitting to my publisher; and all the other creative stuff in the pipeline. Plus the stuff for work (writing calendar copy is no joke; you need to strike a balance between info and prose-poetry).

I'm glad that I got some unplanned rest and vegging out though. All the drive and determination in the world is useless if one is too fatigued to do anything.


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