Tuesday, October 10, 2006

keeping me occupied

Apart from family and work:

1. Time Spiral - the new Magic: The Gathering set is amazing. The nostalgia factor is absurdly strong and so much fun. Nikki and I have been burning the midnight oil playing.

2. The Apprentice Seasons 1-5 and Entourage Seasons 1-2 - Apprentice is my reality show fix and I love Entourage, the testosterone overdrive is a balm after seasons of Sex & the City and Ally McBeal.

3. Red Box - this videoke place in Greenbelt is excellent. My friends and I, former staunch supporters of Music 21, have made the switch. Our favorite room is the Joey Room, complete with balcony. During the time we go, it's P300 per head from (we're there from 12mn-4am) and it comes with 2 free drinks per person from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

4. Philippine Idol - I'm mesmerized by the voting patterns. How Gian and Pao got in the bottom 4 is beyond my understanding. Perhaps I should vote more.

5. Editing - the spec fic antho is coming along smoothly. As a self-published endeavor, I need to raise around P90k to handle the printing, marketing and associated costs of the book's initial print run this year. Hopefully, I can get additional funding but as of this moment, it's all out of my pocket. I don't mind though. I save money for most of the year just for this because I believe strongly in it. :)

6. Acquire - I'm so addicted to this game, it's crazy. But it seems that my wife has been bitten harder, as she spends more time at Get Hostile.

7. Reading and the Litcritters - I haven't gone through all the books I've purchased in the past few months from here and abroad, mostly short fiction anthos and single author collections, plus a sprinkling of novels and non-fiction.

8. Writing - I'm developing a couple of stories for my inventory. Miles to go before I sleep though.


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