Monday, October 30, 2006


I have rarely written about my sisters.

It seems that their stories, like my own, are overshadowed by the more colorful members of my family - my mother and my stepfather.

But one day I will.

I'm just thankful to have them - Reb, Jo and Mau. They're all grown-up now, in their late 20s, but a part of me still thinks they're the little grade school girls I used to take out for merienda or a movie or to a museum.

I guess whatever happens, I will always be their big brother, set in the truth that they can always run to me.

But the flipside of the coin is something also true: I can always run to them.

Times are no longer as simple as they were before, and I'm glad to know there is something between my sisters and myself that can only grow stronger as the years pile on and we become the persons we imagined (or not even half-guessed) we would be.

It has the texture of love, the tang of memory and the flavor of devotion.


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