Wednesday, October 18, 2006

we global men

Work is piling up at the office and I'm just glad that I have an excellent crew to help complete things. Recently, my agency was awarded all the creative work of two companies, both providing products and services that I like. The load is challenging but also gratifying as my designers see their work come to life in a variety of media and outputs. The challenge has been upped since last Friday - when our internet conked out (damn you, Globe!), necessitating guerilla-style connections (such as now) in various places.

My brother works for a call center (and we've had a couple as clients) so I'm well aware that it's not the fault of whoever answers our calls, but please please please give us some relief, more than just offering to write a report on the incident. We are so reliant on email for zipping files, instructions, comments, copy, images and such back and forth (not to mention we now can't access our own FTP site) that we feel we're back in the neolithic. I feel like storming over there and strangling whoever needs to be strangled. Gah.


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