Monday, November 06, 2006

losing faith

After seeing the first 5 episodes of the third season of Lost, I'm just about ready to throw the towel. Everthing that made this show compulsively watchable when it first hit the air is...lost. I was happy, sometime during season two, when the characters returned to their core characterizations, but now - well, Kate is a girly girl, which she isn't. Too many mysterious things, too little given to the viewers to understand, a whole new batch of characters (the Others) to juggle along with new faces at the old beach, plus the entire lack of a sense of alarm or truth anywhere.

Sad to say, I find the experience boring. I'd rather read a book (which I should be doing anyway). I feel bad about this because I thought I was one of the show's biggest fans - but it has gotten almost masturbatory and precious.

Heroes, the new series I'm watching, seems to have taken Lost as its model, but distressingly emulates some of the things that made Lost fail for me. I am dangerously close to being disengaged, since only one character (Hiro, of course) is watchable. The story arcs are not very well-written, with stilted dialogue from time to time. The sense of wonder moments are few and dar between (which works for me) but for the most part the mundane aspects of the show need to be better thought out and executed.

I have seven episodes of Jericho tonight, a show of which I know next to nothing about apart from people saying its good. We'll see.

Over the weekend, thanks to Dino, I whizzed through Who Want to be a Superhero(enjoyable camp) and a few eps of Andrew Lloyd Webber's new reality show How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria? (his quest to find a leading lady for the new production of The Sound of Music - which has lots of pretty girls competing, which works for me haha).


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