Tuesday, December 05, 2006


With the launch of Philippine Speculative Fiction Vol.2 on Sunday, I can't help but be anxious - though, really, there's no reason to be.

The books will be delivered to my office on Thursday (Friday, at the latest). I've seen the proofs and I'm very happy. The launch - a very simple one, with readings from the authors - is set (and frankly, I can't believe it's already this Sunday). I look forward to meeting the authors in person, since a number of them I know only by their stories.

Literary-wise, it's a wonderful month. Apart from the antho, the LitCritters have stories appearing in the premiere issue of a new publication: Digest of Philippine Genre Stories. One of my stories is featured there and I'm delighted that Vin, Andrew and Alex's stories (which all went through the LitCritter workshop process) are present. I also can't wait to read Joey Nacino's story (Joey is a fine spec fic writer, who appears in both volumes of PSF). If Story Philippines gets released this month (as publisher Jade Bernas assured me last time we spoke at Ateneo), Nikki's piece "Doe Eyes" will see the light of day.

Plus, each LitCritter wrote a new piece for December, all of which we'll read next week.

It's a good month for words.



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