Thursday, February 22, 2007

hopelessly devoted

Sage is enrolled at The Schoolroom, a progressive preschool that continues to impress me with their methodology and curriculum. And their choice of year-end/graduation musicals.

Every year, all the preschool kids get together and perform songs from musicals, with props and costumes (you have to be a parent to appreciate this, trust me - but it's wonderful).

Last year, they did South Pacific (Sage in grass skirt singing "Happy Talk"). This year it's Grease (Sage as a Pink Lady). Of course, my hyperactive imagination insists that in the years prior, they did Starlight Express (on skates, natch), Les Miserables (complete with rotating stage), Miss Saigon (with helicopter) and Cats (with giant props and much dancing).

When I hear Sage practicing her songs at home, I cannot help but join in (flashback: me, my mom and her singer friends around a piano with a Best of Broadway songbook, with my best Zero Mostel impersonation). She is always amazed that I know "her" song, and we end up performing together (okay, singing Olivia Newton-John is not my strongest point).

And speaking of "hopelessly devoted", didn't majority of the guys suck at American Idol last night? Sundance, what has happened? At this point though, I have no idea who's truly good - I need to see more consistent performances. But I do like Mr. Beatbox and Big Chris. At sympre naman, boto ako sa half-Pinoy na si AJ (maganda kasi ang ngipin niya, ika ni Nikki).

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