Monday, March 26, 2007

back to school

I must confess that I am a little intimidated by the sheer amount of work in the next few weeks (interrupted, thankfully, by the long Holy Week holidays). The largest pie share of my time will go to Binalot school, which all franchisees need to attend. Learning is always something I think of as fun, but honestly after looking at the calendar I'm stunned - 30 calendar days in total, including a mix of classroom sessions and hands-on time at a working store.

The big issue is how to attend all these sessions while juggling my regular workload for my agency clients, plus attending to the matter of opening the new branch of the pet store in May. Clearly, we cannot abandon our main business. I think I have to clone myself or find a way to fantastically multi-task. I thought I could zip in and out of the classroom as required by my other businesses, but the fact that the Binalot HQ is in Bicutan makes "going out for a second" to handle a client in the Ortigas area a joke. I'm just glad that I have a business partner who can alternate days with me.

Another aspect that made me stop when I was reading through the franchise schedule was the occasional exam. I can only hope it is an essay-type thing so I can blah-blah my way into a semblance of coherent intelligence because if it is a matter of remembering facts and actually doing some math, I will just have to gnash my teeth and weep silenty into my test paper.

Despite all this though, I'm still excited. I'm approaching all these scheduling dilemmas as a challenge in time management. Besides, its only absurd for a month. After that, we'll have people handling the store. I just feel that it is important that I have some understanding of how things work.



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