Monday, April 30, 2007

dean = proudly avuncular

Like a delighted uncle (and mind you, I'm not taking credit for their success or 'discovery'), I'm happy to note new publications and fellowships of authors whose works appeared in Philippine Speculative Fiction Vols. 1 & 2 (let's go, spec fic!):


Oscar Bryan Alvarez - "The Chain Letter Siege" in Story Philippines
Douglas Candano - "Dreaming Valhalla" in Story Philippines
Kate Aton-Osias - "The 101st Michael" in Philippine Genre Stories
Sean Uy - "The Final Interview" in Philippine Genre Stories
Nikki Alfar - "Beacon" in Philippine Genre Stories (in her case, 'avuncular' is the wrong word)


Jonathan Siason and Joshua Lim So made it to the Iligan Writers Workshop
Mia Tijam heads off to Dumaguete for the Silliman Writers Workshop

Kudos to everyone.



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