Sunday, June 17, 2007

father's day

Waking up to Sage, standing with a smile, offering her painting with the words "I love you, Dad".

Sitting up in bed, opening (what I presumed to be) small token Father's Day gifts from wife and daughter, and instead being completely surprised by new earphones and speakers for my iPod.

Swimming in the pool upstairs with Sage, pretending to be floating on the sea of dreams as we make up wishes for our magical friends (and saddened by the fact that of the other six or so kids in the pool, none were with their dads).

Bookhunting at night, then reducing my P4000 pile of books to zero as I struck Mr. Impulse-Buying down.

Eating tuyo, eggs and fresh lumpia at Via Mare in the company of my small family, watching my daughter take pictures of everything and everyone but us, haha.

Watching a bit of TV before falling asleep, my wife next to me, my daughter already dreaming about her first day of school tomorrow.

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