Tuesday, June 19, 2007

subs and pokemon

After a very frustrating quest for International Reply Coupons, I can at last send off fiction that I've been sitting on for some time. Most of the US magazines require hard copy submissions accompanied by a SASE and the IRC. And since the IRCs expire in 6 months and are seemingly only available at the Lawton post office in Manila, I never have them around.

So "Strange Weather" is off, and once I am done with the final edits, another story (still untitled) will follow suit.

Locally, I've just subbed 3 stories to two editors for a pair of anthos. One of them, I think, is the shortest story I've written, "Something Like That".

We'll see if any of these stories are accepted. If not, I'll polish some more and send elsewhere. Or write new ones.

But I still have several stories I need to start/write/complete on my plate, for anthos and magazines here and abroad. It's been a bitch to sit down and write, with the heat and all - but I must confess that I am truly distracted by the need to complete my Pokedex (it's impossible, impossible). And with Pokemon Diamond and Pearl available, my resolve not to buy a Nintendo DS weakens day by day.

Why, why, why am I possessed by the need to collect them all?

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