Tuesday, July 17, 2007

fully booked flagship store launch


Books and cocktails? You bet we'll be there tonight.

Fully Booked's management has always been supportive of spec fic, and is one of the places where "Philippine Speculative Fiction Vol.2" and "Salamanca" can be found (sorry, PSF Vol.1 is out of print).

Hope to see you there.


And what a launch it was. The LitCritters came in force, braving the rain and the traffic (free food triggers a sense of purpose, I tell you) and we got to the 5 storey edifice in time to mingle and partake of the bounty (the menu was a clever twist on literary-themed food) and wine.

I met people I've worked for and people who've worked for me, longlost friends, writing colleagues and made new acquaintances in what is probably the coolest and most laid-back launch I've attended (it was fun watching Carlo Celdran do a walking tour of the store). Naturally, we gravitated to the balcony smoking area, with out pate and wine, and agonized over books we couldn't truly afford (but ended up buying anyway - the curse of the bibliomaniac). The expanded comics and spec fic section in the basement is depressingly well-stocked.

A highlight for me was Jaime Daez asking if I had a new book after Salamanca and then offering the place as a launch venue for the Kite collection in Aug/Sept. We'll see what my publisher thinks, but man, I love the notion.



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