Thursday, December 13, 2007

rest stop

Nikki, Sage and I are flying off to Florida this weekend to spend the holidays there with family. We've been looking forward to this vacation (Sage is especially thrilled to see her grandma again) and we've been spending the last few days getting ready (securing the e-tickets which the old-fashioned part of me is always wary of, exchanging some money, and of course the inevitable packing).

I'll bring my laptop (in the hope of writing something, anything, to start repleneshing my zeroed inventory), camera (because vacations are what cameras are for, not just product shots), my iPod (for the interminable longhaul, let's see if the battery lasts), o2 phone (so if I'm somehow possessed by an urge to get an iPhone I can look at my old one and hopefully realize that I truly do need the gorgeous - and now reasonably priced - iPhone, damn you Butch Dalisay for provoking both envy and greed in me), and a small pile of books (one of the advantages of writing/editing your own books is the instant-pasalubong effect, sorry nalang sila haha) including PSF 3, Salamanca and The Kite of Stars.

It's the reengergizing that I need. For several months I've been out of sorts at work and I owe it to both my long-suffering partner and our businesses to get my head back in the game. I've been distracted by writing and need to accept that work must be primary (again) since it what pays the bills. So it's back to mostly guerilla mode.

I'm not certain if I can blog while I'm away. If I can, I will. If I can't - then Merry Christmas to everyone!



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