Tuesday, January 29, 2008

what's the skinny?

The start of this year is quite hectic for my design agency, with a lot of work to be done. There's also the secret new business my partner and I are putting together (my aching head, I tell you), plus running the pet store and the food franchise. Sometimes, I'm overwhelmed, but then take a deep breath and dive back in.

On the writing front, I've made zero progress on the novel - which means I need a miracle if I want to compete for any of the three big novel prizes up for grabs this year (P200k is a very nice prize to aim for). But I won't get anywhere unless I get off my ass, smash the DVD player and all the reality shows I'm sadly addicted to, bury the DSLite and stop hunting for every possible Pokemon in existence, devote less time to non-productive writing, and simply get to work.

It's slightly better on the short fiction front, but the deadlines are looming. Last night I worked on the story for Exotic Gothic, got up in the morning and polished the story for Playboy, and ripped apart something I started for Rogue. By the time I was done, it was 4AM. And there is still the new fairy tale for next month LitCritter originals, plus something for Free Press. And Vin and I are talking about producing more Forlorn stories this year (in a few weeks, 3 Forlorn stories will be out - 2 in Philippine Genre Stories, and 1 in Story Philippines). Gah, indeed.

I'm usually on the side of disciplined writing (you know, writing on schedule regardless of how I feel), but once in a while, like now, it would be great to be slapped across the face - hard - by the muse of inspiration, collapse into a stupor, and wake up at dawn with bleeding fingers and several marvelous completed stories. Haha. I wish.

So what am I going to do about all this? Why, get a new laptop, of course!

I know, I know. But even just thinking about getting one those HP Pavilions makes me happy, and -here's the hard sell to myself- will make me instantly more productive.

So, this afternoon I'm taking a break from work and writing and will browse laptop showrooms and see what moves me. I've had my MSI ultralight laptop for more than 2 years, so I think my shoulder has healed and can handle the stress of something heavier once more.

We'll see.

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