Friday, February 08, 2008

princes of the sultanate

(illustration by Andrew Drilon)

My story "An Excerpt from “Princes of the Sultanate” (Ghazali: 1902); Annotated by Omar Jamad Maududi, MLS, HOL, JMS." appears in the latest issue of Story Philippines, available now. The story, about politics and love in a reimagined Lanao, is told mainly in scholarly-ish footnotes.

The magazine was supposed to have come out late last year but issues with printing caused delays. "Princes" was scheduled to first appear there (Story bought it long before) then subsequently collected in "The Kite of Stars". But "Kite" came out first, so instead the reverse is true (but in my collection, Story Philippines is credited with first publication).

I'm delighted to be in the same issue with a couple of contributors to Philippine Speculative Fiction: Jonathan Siason and MRR Arcega. The cover, by the way, is astounding. Go, pick up a copy now.

Thanks to Vanni and Jade for buying the story (as well as another one, coming in some future issue: "Strange Weather", a high fantasy story).



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