Monday, May 12, 2008

green blood

Manila Prints Sydney and Manila releases 'Green Blood and Other Stories', a collection of short stories by a talented new author Erwin Cabucos.

Fifteen short stories exploring a range of themes, including intercultural marriage, racism, social justice, bullying, religious beliefs and growing up Filipino are packed in this new literary feast.

Many of the characters are children, observing and challenging stereotypes and ideological positions that have been normalised in our society.

"Why is God white?" asks a character in one of the stories. The priest is left with no adequate answer.

"It is a book that you can relate to as a Filipino and as an Australian. The stories have been woven into a world of two cultures which may be a very good tool for Literacy, SOSE, Anthropology teaching and learning in Australia," says Myrla Prianes, a Brisbane-based teacher and a community leader.

Casting a racist slur over our immigrant neighbour's smelly food is represented in one of the stories, laying bare themes of racial snobbery, prejudice and persecution of those are different or who dare to be different.

Cabucos is a teacher of secondary English in Brisbane and when not teaching, he writes short fiction which find their ways in various anthologies and publications including 'The Philippine Graphic Magazine and the Philippines Free Press. One of Cabucos’ stories ‘The Bleached Hills of Cotabato" appears this month at a newly released anthology ‘Salu-Salo: In Conversation with Filipino-Australian Writers’ which will be launched on 25 May at the Sydney Writer’s Festival.

'Green Blood and Other Stories', ISBN 978-0-9804827-0-6, is now available in the Philippines through Manila Prints.



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