Thursday, June 05, 2008

sick season

I started feeling ill Sunday afternoon. I got a clogged nose and a mild headache which were gradually revealed to be symptoms of the flu. I should've known it was coming since this happens to me around this time every year. I missed three days of work, unable to think very well as I alternately got the chills and sweated like there was no tomorrow. I kept rehydrating and replenishing all the salts and stuff I lost, consuming vast quantities of juices, athletic drinks, chai latte and flavored water, in an attempt not defeat the stupid flu. I cursed the fact that once again I did not bother to get a flu shot - gah. Of course poor Sage and Nikki caught the flu too. It's even harder for Nikki because of the pregnancy.

I was feeling better last night, but woke up at 3AM with the beginnings of the conjunctivitis thing going around the building. Which was just the last straw. It was too much. My placid, I-am-sick demeanor was replaced by rage at the injustice of it all. "Sore Eyes" is my true bane (along with really bad food poisoning that paralyzes me). Why? Because with every other normal ailment, I can read. Not so with sore eyes that reduce vision to a thin painful crud-encrusted sliver.

But this time I was somewhat prepared. I scoured the room for the medicine I had purchased when I thought I had conjunctivitis earlier this year (when I thought a leaf had sheared off my retina). I found the small bottle of the miracle elixir Vigamox, which promised bacterial genocide, then dosed my eyes with drops of moxifloaxin and went back to sleep. At 6AM, I repeated the dosage, delighting in the discomfort I imagined the bacteria to be undergoing - the atomic destruction of their evil civilization. By 9AM, my eyes were fine.

So I actually managed to drag myself to office to get some work done. My lost three days did not stop the requirements and timing of deliverables from clients so there's a lot of catching up to do. And the fact that this coming Monday is a non-working holidays means another day without designers and such.

Back to the grind, yes, but not for the entire day. I think I need to rest a little bit more before.



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