Wednesday, July 23, 2008

rowan alfar

Rowan Alfar, the newest and tiniest Alfar, joined us this morning, July 23, 2008.

The bundle of nerves masquerading as myself was terrified of something going wrong with the procedure, but Nikki - morphined and all - glided through safely.

I thought that Lily was a lovely name for a child, but Rowan is better, stronger, more unique, and better matched with Sage.

Despite myself, I'm enjoying St. Luke's hospital with its free WiFi, courteous people and good private rooms. It's different from Cardinal Santos where we had Sage. Or maybe I'm just in feel-good mode - until I see the bill (ouch!).

Anyway, when I first held my new daughter right after she was born, she fit perfectly in the crook of my arm.

She's mine and I'm hers, in a way that is unique to us both.

Now all we want to do is go home...



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