Monday, September 22, 2008

iphone and me

When my O2 gave up the ghost (the demise was slow and painful and broke my heart as I loved my phone/PDA/everything very much, even when it would hang for no reason, even when it refused to make calls), I finally had a reason to go get myself an iPhone. As expected I balked at the cost, but my financial soulsearching took only seconds, since I'd been having impure thoughts about the iPhone from the first time I read about it (and last year when Butch Dalisay showed me the one he got from the US - and yes, I plotted how to simply swipe it from him but decided otherwise, after all, he's a tough guy). So I after figured out how I would pay for the thing (I must win a lottery soon), it was just a matter of waiting for it for arrive at my office.

It's beautiful. And more useful than my old O2. And with downloadable apps, very cool. I just have issues with texting (my fat fingers keep tapping the wrong key on the keypad) and the fact that I cannot erase single texts, only conversations. But otherwise, it has integrated my Outlook so I have all my contacts and schedules (without my calendar, I'm a lost fool), and I've moved all my music to it. And...yes, I've gone down the slippery slope of buying apps from the iTunes store (but not music, because the Philippine store doesn't offer them). It started with free stuff, but how, oh how, for example, could I possibly resist TextTwist?

And in the best Filipino tradition of hand-me-downs, Nikki is now the happy owner of my iTouch, which makes Sage the surprised owner of Nikki's iPod, and Rowan just gets all the milk she wants (Me to Sage: What does Rowan get? Sage: Dad! She's just an infant!).

I'm in the happy honeymoon adjustment stage, yes, and still afraid that I might drop the thing.



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