Tuesday, September 23, 2008

litcritters: reading and writing

Hey LitCritters !

After a brief hiatus (we had children a-borning), we're back and would like to invite you to join the discussions. We resume regular LitCritter sessions on October 4, 2008 (that's a Saturday) at 2PM over at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at Robinson's Galleria.

Here are the stories we'll tackle (please remember that these are provided for reading purposes only):

Last Contact by Stephen Baxter
The Seventh Letter by Sean Williams
The Disemboweler by Ekaterina Sedia
Companion to Owls by Chris Roberson

All you need to do is download, read up and chime in.


The LitCritters is a reading and writing group based in Manila, as well as in Dumaguete. Every week, we read and discuss short fiction from various genres from different writers with the goal of expanding our reading horizons, improving our ability to critique, and learning how to write from the good texts. In addition to speculative fiction, we read Philippine literature in English, as well as world literature.

For those who'd like to join us: first, sign up for the LitCritter mailing list so you can access the archives of readings (the box is on the right side of my blog). Next, read all the stories for the week. Then, join our open sessions at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Robinsons Galleria at 2PM on Saturdays (watch this blog for schedule announcements and changes).

We'd love to have you there.



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