Wednesday, October 08, 2008


There's an old cliche that goes something like "Nakakatanggal ng pagod kapag makita mo ang mga anak mo paguwi galing sa trabaho". And while not 100% true (I'm still tired and sometimes doze off - it seems love can be soporific), I'm always happy to see my girls (siyempre, pati ang asawa). When I get home from work, we all sprawl on the big bed (careful not to crush the infant) and marvel at Rowan's desire to stand, at her powerful kicks, at the way she gazes out at the world and every new thing.

Sage loves holding her baby sister (though I must confess extreme anxiety when I see her walking around the house with Rowan in her arms - natatakot ako na baka mahulog kasi), reading her books, and singing to her.

The impatient part of me wants Rowan to start talking, so we can have a conversation. But another part of me knows to value this time in my youngest daughter's life, when her mother and I have all the answers to her needs and inarticulate questions.

It always saddens me, thinking about the future, when my daughters are fully grown. It's a given that things will change, yes, but I hope that I'll be the type of father who remains relevant in their lives. I know it's too far, way off into multiple tomorrows, but, well...

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