Thursday, October 16, 2008

grimoire of the rift

I'm a big fan of Square Enix; Final Fantasy has been something I've loved (started with FF VII and onwards, then backwards with the earlier games in the series for the DS). But more than Final Fantasy, I am a devotee of Final Fantasy Tactics.

Oh, the drama. And the job system. And the battles! Yes, the battles.

Nikki surprised me with Final Fantasy Tactics A2, which is now firmly slotted into my DS and eating up a shocking amount of time. The game has everything I love about the series, with over 50 jobs, multiple races and the battles, yes, the battles.

Check out the website (it's in flash but worth the wait) and get a glimpse at what consumes me nowadays.

I cannot recommend it highly enough.
(On a side note, I wish Song Summoner: the Unsung Heroes were available for my iPhone.)

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