Monday, March 30, 2009

dragon time

We had a fun launch over at Shangri-la for Vin's "A Time for Dragons". Wonderful seeing new and old friends (remember that these stories were collected by Vin four years ago - which, in itself, makes for a future blogpost about "you are only as good as your latest published work" vs. "but the editor took forever *sob* *choke*").

Sage played paparazzi with her digital camera, racing the dragons as the parade moved around the mall, up and down the escalators - rushing back only to collect an errant shoe that flew, Cinderella-esque from one of her feet. Speaking of dragons, I told Karina Bolasco how impressive it was that Anvil had a marketing budget. Turns out she was quite surprised too (the budget for Vin's dragons comes from their Book Fair budget, so all of us other authors should not go around expecting such awesome props in our own launches ;) One such launch I'm very excited about is Yvette Tan's "Waking the Dead", her first collection of horror fiction.

Vin did great work as host and as editor and a draconic time was had by all - even through what seemed like a really long time signing books. Andrew's original art sold like hotcakes and I'm happy to have reserved his artwork for my story.

I took the opportunity to speak to Karina and Gwen about future books. My second collection of short fiction (yet untitled) will be released sometime in the fourth quarter of this year (I'd love to have Andrew provide artwork again, like he did for "The Kite of Stars" collection). Also, I'm putting together a new horror antho for Anvil, focusing on Philippine creatures of the night - more details soon when I work out precisely just what I want to see (but hey, a horror antho!). If the stars align, that will be an annual as well.

Thanks to Kyu and Lorra for the pictures!

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