Sunday, May 18, 2003

weekend film review roundup

matrix reloaded

This film exceeded expectations.

You see, I fully expected this film to be horrible and it surpassed my imagination of how bad a film can be.

Where do I begin? So many thing, so little space. The atrocious writing, the masturbatory fight scenes that refused to be edited well, the interminable rave that showcased the strength of Zion's human spirit, the dial tone acting of Fishburne (who sounded exactly like he was still in Event Horizon), the incomprehensible gobbledigook that passed for exposition, and much much more.

One of my friends said that I need to see the third Matrix film for closure. I don't think so. Subjecting myself to this one was painful enough.

"There is no film."

Final Rating: Matrix Reloaded (2003) - ** of 10 (and that's for Persephone's pointing to the door where the Key guy was)

sex and lucia

Julio Medem attempts to bring together confusing narrative threads in a film that ought to seethe with beauty but doesn't.

It commits the sin of being precious and maudlin though certain aspects of production were indeed inspired.

Writing-wise, there were good moments but those were overshadowed by challenging shifts.

Paz Vega was a revelation, a veritable chameleon being able to look like any other actress you can name.

Still, it is a film worth watching. And the sex wasn't bad.

Final Rating: Sex and Lucia (2001) - ****** of 10

the dangerous lives of altar boys

Hailed by many critics as an excellent film, I take the opposite position, finding absolutely nothing (apart from the animated sequences) good about this film.

Like many failed films, it had a good premise but miserable execution in terms of writing, pacing, casting and editing.

I so wanted to like it, being a comic fan, but by the time we reached the requisite "oh-it-is-summer, and-we-boys-are-being-boys", my brain short-circuited.

Final Rating: The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys (2002) - ** of 10


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