Thursday, July 31, 2003

sometimes being small does not matter

We won the big telco's corporate website account, and what made that fact even sweeter was that we were up against some of the best people in the industry, people I know. We ended up in a "face-off" against the premiere design company and somehow won.

One of the things my life has taught me is that sometimes, even if you're small, it pays to have a loud voice. Heh.

shots in the hinterlands

My 12-hour workday was focused on getting the proper shots for one of our food clients.

And really, Alabang and Bicutan are as far to my mind as Madagascar and Sierra Leone.

It's like a different time zone there, different people, almost a different mall culture (and since we handle work two of the big mall chains, I am able to discern just who is being targeted).

Still, it was an enjoyable shoot. I was reminded again how much I hate polarization-resistant mirrors, too much glass and nosy crowds who kept looking for the artistas for the "movie" we were shooting.


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