Monday, September 15, 2003

peanut gutter

poor diana

Seiko Films producer Robbie Tan yanked Diana Zubiri (my ex-crush) out from the outfit's entry in the Metro Manila Filmfest - because "she was no longer up to the higher level that the movie had become", after Dina Bonnevie joined the cast.

Oh, my bimbo. Paano ka na?

speaking of crush

Eight people were hurt in the stampede during "The Event", that much-hyped concert with two members of Taiwanese F4. Apparently, people had been waiting all day and finally pushed the gates open when waiting (in the rain) became intolerable.

And if I was one of the people who shelled out P10,000 for a ticket, I'd get pissed off too - considering that only one entrance was used for everyone.

Some kids, unable to get tickets for the sold-out event, rented rooms at the Shangri-la Plaza in a vain attempt to see the concert. Too bad they had no control over which room they were assigned.

my beloved sexbombs

I was talking to the owner of Alpha Records about Rochelle and Jopay and he mentioned that he was in the process of completing the Christmas Album of Sexbomb.

Intrigued, I asked what it sounded like.

He smiled, called for a CD and we listened to the Christmas melange of "The Spaghetti Song" and Yuletide standards - what can I say? It sounded infectious.

All I can imagine was Sage doing her ocho-ocho dance thing.

When I tried to buy his master copy, the man smiled and told me he'd give a copy a week before release.


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