Monday, June 28, 2004

a day in the life of...

The week begins with a 7AM phone call from a resto client, confirming the delivery of the massively heavy final artwork for one of his new stores. Groggily, I tell him not to worry, that everything's all right. For a moment, I pretend I don't have to go to work.

When I have my full bearings, I perform my daily ablutions, say goodbye to sleeping wife and child, then go off to the office to welcome one of the two new designers by giving him work immediately: logo studies for a new Chinese resto.

The mall client calls and asks several technical stumpers and when we can give the project deliverables. Then it's answering the Monday morning email (shudder) and prepping up for various quotations - while I'm online, I check the news and people's blogs (everyone, it seems, had a fun time at the weekend toyfare but found it too crowded). The tech client tells us the material we created for abroad is good and approved. My first smile doesn't last long because another client has a ton of revisions for a print project.

My partner Marc and I then run down all active projects and prioritize what needs to be done when, talk about possibly moving offices, sign checks and deal with suppliers, before he runs off to his first meeting.

I take my first ciggie break at the 6th floor of the building (right by where actress Nida Blanca was murdered) and realize that the grid formed by the vents look great - so I take a shot of myself (yes, I try to carry my camera along with me so I can take shots of interesting things for reference).

Back in the office, I write some copy, edit some documents, go over a couple of marketing plans, make notes for other clients, struggle with some numbers and search the internet for pegs I can use for the photoshoot preprod meeting with the sports complex client in the afternoon. I am interrupted by faxes and a girl who wants to sell me credit cards, the lunch girl (roast pork in gravy today), a new client who wants a revision of the proposal I sent, and my lezzie messenger who comes in with a fresh pack of smokes for me.

Over lunch, we brief the staff about a new big client and then brainstorm about concepts for calendars, brochures and flyers. I get text messages from our partner architectural firm owned by my step-brother, Ricky, and make some last minute decisions regarding the stuff we're going to use at the trade exhibit we're joining this weekend (I don't mind because I know Saturday is Free Comic Day).

I check and answer email again before Marc and I go off to the sports complex where we meet up with the client and our photographer, Pierre. Along the way, I conceptualize a promo for a clothing client and think about wearing my Cartier watch to impress the watch client (not a good idea because it is not his brand and I don't really like wearing a watch). To show the sports complex client our concept for the shoot with Angel Aquino and Mandy Ochoa, Marc and I engage in a little futsal - note: do not ever play indoor soccer in leather shoes.

We finalize the shot list, and I put on my stylist hat to select the clothes and shoes for the models, as we ponder suspending Pierre 30 feet in the air to get the shot we want (boy scout that he is, he agrees and we make arrangements). My cell phone rings thrice: the office has a question, a client has a new requirement, and the director of our AVP asks for Kestrel's material. I looked across the street at The Spa and fantasize about pampering myself - after the week is over.

By late afternoon, we take a 20-minute break at Figaro, where I finally get to read a hard copy newspaper and have some coffee. Then another series of meeting and I rack my brains to develop campaigns and other marketing strategies for several other clients. More calls from the office and my head is spinning from all the things I'm juggling. But it's the home stretch so I pull myself together, give the office instructions and schedule an ocular for another day.

I manage to get home right before dinner, and my lovely little girl shrieks in delight while my beautiful wife smiles her "come-hither-tither" smile.

I take a long bath, do some more work-related writing after dinner, and adjust my calendar to reflect all the new appointments I have for the week. I peruse the rest of the blogs I didn't get to read earlier and catch Queer Eye with Nikki, relax with some music and play with Sage.

After writing this, I'll read a little, smoke the last ciggie of the night and get some sleep. Good night, all.


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