Tuesday, June 29, 2004


We just got a phone call from the States and found out that a beloved older friend has pre-leukemia. Out of every month now, he needs to spend seven consecutive days getting injections and treatments (and is in line for a new one just recently approved by the US FDA).

It is certainly depressing because Nikki and I love him very much. He's like a grandpa to Sage, and we are in the midst of planning to visit him this coming October. I am trying not to get all gloomy, but I loathe this feeling of helplessness.

It reminds me of the time that my mom was diagnosed with systemic lupus. My step-dad talked to me privately and told me that the doctors were not very hopeful. But she beat her affliction and survived - and I choose to believe that Jack can do the same thing.

I believe in you, Jack. With all my heart.


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