Monday, October 25, 2004

back in business

We made it!

Thanks for all the prayers for our safe flight back home. It was pleasantly uneventful though long (total of about 20 hours from Palm Coast).

I was secretly worried that perhaps Nagoya was part of the areas affected by Saturdays bullet-train derailing quake in Japan. Thankfully, it wasn't.

We finally arrived at home past midnight, began to unpack, settled a heartbreaking situation (see below), couldn't sleep, and am back at the office right now with mush for brains.

Everything is intact and my staff did a marvelous job while Marc and I were away, so I think I can go home and get some sleep. I'm not usually affected by jetlag but that seems to be the case right now.

Just as soon as I check on the pet shop...

i luv jeremy

Oh my god, I just saw this package from Jeremy on my desk.

Holy cow! It's all his finalized, colored and lettered Siglo pages and they are fantastic!

Damn it, I'm in tears. Thank you, you brilliant man, you!

buddha, what have you done

And in the meantime, my best friend has been bitten by a Jeff Noon virus, as his prose dynamically metamorphosizes into this:

This is how the game is played. Names pass, (Hi! I'm Mike/Mark/Mars or May) as quickly as the DJ shifts molten notes on daisy chains of sound. I light up. You dance. You tilt your head away, but still your stolen glances inevitably come my way. I wait. The night is young and so are you. I have time on my side.

Oh, oh, oh, Buddha, what have you done?


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